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Sep 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
woman child in the united states. while that number goes up, here's another number to talk about going down. price of facebook stock fell to yet another record low today. it closed at 17 dollars.sfaechlt off almost 2%. stock slide provoked a storm of criticism to over who is to blame. david take as look. >> there noise question that if you fwhot stock on the i p o you are not happy ripped off and think that someone should pay the price. >> if a is book was to be a poster child for resurgence thanks to social media. jubilant mark presided over the i p o in may at 30 dollars a share but the stock has been a dud close daing at record leof 17.73. that's a drop of over 53 percent in just over three months. or a loss of over 50 billion dollars in value. "new york times"and forbes doing some serious finger pointing. forbes blames ceo mark while the times zero in on facebook chief financial officer david. forbes san francisco bureau chief eric says it's unlikely ceo will be the fall guy. >> if the street hates having the cf o in most cases. investors don't like the uncertainty that comm
Sep 18, 2012 9:00pm PDT
inmates. are free after a daring escape just 3 miles from the united states. this border crossing at eagle pass, texas is on alert. residents of the sleepy border city have been warned to call police if they see strangers. i is mexican pros qusai the escapee and many members of violent drug cartel dug a tunnel through the prison workshop. great escape through a tunnel may remind you of the shaw shank redemption in this case it wasn't one escapee. all 129 squeezed 1 by 1 through an opening few feet wide. they used ropes and electric cable to pull themselves to the guard tower where they tied up the guard. next theyut the chain link fence that stood twin between them and freedom and ran for it. authorities think the tunnel had been around a few months and felt the inmates dug it without anyone knowing. police detained the prison director and dozen guards. suspect thanksgiving escape was an inside job. tonight mexican special forces are working to put the escapees back there. abc news, dallas. >>> in beijing oh, protestors rounded the car of the u.s. ambassador to china. gary
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2